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"Exodus Renewables was formed in 2020 to serve the needs of people interested in advancing the clean energy marketplace.
With decades of experience in electric utilities, the renewable energy credit market, solar PV project development and work with public and private funding sources Exodus Renewables solves the challenges of today by relying on experience, know how, and a willingness to see the job through until successful completion."
Our Mission Statement

Exodus Renewables exists to help in the growth and integration of clean renewable energy. Helping to make the right choice of technology for the specific application, and then putting in place the hard and soft components needed to bring the project online cost effectively and on time.

Our Services


The world of renewable energy is one of unparalleled growth, promising lucrative opportunities to those who can properly navigate it. With this rapid growth however, comes increased complexity.

Exodus Renewables offers a way forward, drawing off decades of experience and vision to lead clients in the right direction.

Solar Design and Construction

The financial success of a Solar System relies on careful planning, sourcing, construction, and a strong base of knowledge regarding the intricate web of legal and financial regulations that must be overcome in order to bring a system online in the market.

Exodus Renewables offers solutions for all stages of the process, ensuring that projects will progress from initial planning to interconnection with the grid on time and on budget.

Renewable Energy Credit Origination and Marketing

At Exodus Renewables every project is tightly managed so nothing is left on the table whether in the planning, construction or commissioning stages.

Once the project goes live properly monetizing the environmental credits becomes a necessary task to avoid leaving money on the table. Exodus Renewables is an industry leader in environmental credit origination and marketing.

You project becomes part of a large portfolio of projects that have the attention of the players in the market so your secondary profit stream Is safe guarded and producing.

Rising from the ashes of the Future Times Energy (FTE) aggregation group Exodus Renewables is a seasoned pioneer in the renewable energy credit origination and marketing world. Founded in 2005 with just four small solar systems FTE first sold SRECs in 2008 upon becoming part of the Penn State Extension system. Forming the foundation for Exodus Renewables the FTE aggregation group became Exodus Renewables in March of 2020. 
Providing a trading platform where renewable energy generators can convert their generation first into environmental credits and then into cash has long been a mission of the founder. Keeping the market true and advocating for public policy that favors clean, sustainable energy from renewable generation sources speaks to our core mission.

Public Policy Advising and Assistance

Staying up to date with the changes in public policy driven by shifting winds of often untethered science is an unending challenge. Making business and personal investment decision in an transitioning marketplace is risky.

At Exodus we are continuously sounding the renewable energy marketplace to stay in tune with the present-day consensus and of coming opportunities. When public policy begins to drift, as it often does, Exodus is prepared to step in to help correct the path. We represent the interests of over 500 customer generator owners with a portfolio of more then 10 megawatts of renewable generation across the Commonwealth.

Carbon and Environmental Credit Markets

Exodus has been part of the carbon emission avoidance market since The Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) launched nearly two decades ago.

Impacting large scale generators at first RGGI and similar efforts will begin incentivizing eco system services across the country as a means of reducing carbon emissions, sequestering carbon in the ground, and adopting practices that reduce overall environmental impacts. Proper timing and intensity are key to the monetization of beneficial Best Management Practices. At Exodus today, we are helping to write the manual that will guide these practices.

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