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Meet the Founder

Before joining Penn State College of Agriculture’s Extension Renewable Energy team as co-lead in 2008 Ed worked in the electric utility industry for 25 years. First employed by West Penn Power Company, he worked in a number of positions including project coordinator where he designed and implemented the first residential real time pricing pilot program using internet enabled thermostats to allow participants to make automated electricity buying decisions based on hourly price signals from the PJM wholesale market. Ed went next to the New York Power Authority as Electric Utility Consultant. While there he designed and implemented a rate design for 12 municipal electric systems, in New York state, that allowed the shifting of load during hours of peak electricity pricing. This allowed the Authority to resell committed generation into the wholesale market at higher prices.

Since joining Penn State, Ed designed and implemented the Renewable Energy Academy program that is a series of half day classes on assorted renewable energy and sustainability topics. He led the development of the Farm Energy IQ curriculum funded by the Sustainable Agriculture Research & Education program. Ed also led the Pennsylvania Wood Energy Team funded by the US Forest Service. Most Recently he has been involved in market development for biochar as part of the Wood Innovation program through the US Forest Service.

He has also been active in developing solar projects that build community resilience He led the effort to build the largest solar farm in southwestern PA. The Hunker solar project that services the wastewater treatment plant in that locale is 3 megawatts in size. He also led the effort to develop a 200 kW project that serves the Greater Washington County Food Bank. In 2021 the 200 kW solar project that will serve the Fallingwater facility in the Laurel Highlands area was brought into being with his guidance and support.

Ed holds a master’s degree in Renewable Energy and Sustainability Systems from Penn State University.

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